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Jessalyn Gilsig   Kayley   Andrea Corr

Spirited and corageous, 20-year old Kayley dreams of sitting as a knight at the round table like her father, Sir Lionel. Along her jouney to find lost Excaliber, however, she finds she has much to learn. She does so, however from Garrett whom she eventually finds herself attracted to.

Designed and animated (by Nassos Vakalis) very much like Disney's "Belle," Kayley is given voice by newcomer Jessalyn Gilsig (left)and sung by Andrea Corr (right)of The Corrs.

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Cary Elewis   Garrett   Bryan White

Blinded as a boy by a stable accident, Garrett (Animated by Chrystal Klabunde) is taken under the wing of Sir Lionel and trained as a knight. Ten years after Sir Lionel's death, however, 22 year old Garrett has become a recluce , sharing his world only with Ayden, his silver winged falcon whom, unbeknownced to him is a gift from Merlin.

Garrett was originally to be voiced by Adam Pascal of the off-broadway play "Rent" but (or so the internet rumor goes) he was replaced by Warners by "Liar Liar"'s Cary Elewis (left) in order to pack more stars into the film. (There is also the rumor that Pascel walked when Bill and Sue Kroyer left the project) Either way, country star Bryan Wite (right) sings the hero's part.

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Devon/ Cornwall

Eric Idle   Kayley   Don Rickles

The odd couple trapped in a single body adequately describes stuffy english Devon and boorish American Cornwall's comic relief character animated by Dan Wagner. A single dragon with two heads that can't agree results, apparently, in a flightles non-fire-breathing one as well. Eventually, these two learn that they really can't live without eachother (even when Excaliber grants them this choice).

Monty Python's Eric Idle (left)speaks for Devon while Don Rickles (right), last heard as Toy Story's Mr Potato head delivers Cornwall's wise cracks.

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Ruber   Gary Oldman

Fallen knight of the round table, Ruber (brilliantly animated by Alex Williams) plots now for only one thing: EVERYTHING! Power hungry and quite mad, he knows that Excaliber is the key to Arthur's undoing. Thusly thanks to some witches (who apparently would later help Wile E. Coyote- the potion says "ACME"), Ruber plans to weld Excaliber to his own hand and take Camelot with the unwilling help of Lady Juliana.

Gary Oldman (from Lost in Space to Sid and Nancy what has this guy NOT been in??) succeeds in delivering a chilling portrayal of a mad man. Apparently to achieve this, he delivered each line three different ways and the director then mixed and matched each delivery with each line.

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Jane Seymour   Lady Juliana   Celine Dion

Over protective of Kayley, Widower Juliana would prefer her only daughter wear a new dress than the suit of armor Kayley dreams of. Eventually, however, Juliana must learn to let go and allow her daughter to make the choices she knows are right lest Camelot be lost.

Jane Seymour (left) of CBS's "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman speaks for Juliana, animated by Cynthia Overman, while multi-platnum singing sensation Celine Dion (right)sings her prayer.

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Gabriel Bryne   Sir Lionel

Though a relatively small part, noble Sir Lionel's part is pivitol to Quest for Camelot's story. He is the driving force behind both his daughter, Kayley and Garrett, and his heroic death (he sacrifices himself to save Arthur) brings Arthur to give Lady Juliana an open invitation to Camelot which Ruber takes advantage of.

Gabriel Bryne (The Man in the Iron Mask) deleivers the few lines of dialouge Sir Lionel speaks which includes the prolouge.

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Bronson Pinchot   Griffin

The Griffin is Ruber's lead henchman. It is he who steals Excaliber in the first place only to loose it during a fight with Ayden.

Bronson Pinchot (best remembered as Perfect Stranger's Balkey but also very good in True Romance) brings an even more wicked side to the character than the design (by Mike Nguyen) allows (which is quite an accomplishment!)

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Frank Welker   Ayden

Ayden is the only non-speaking bird in the film, but that doesn't make him any less important. Acting as Garrett's eyes, this silver-winged falcon (animated by Mike Nguyen) once belonged to Merlin where he was called "Silver Wings". (It is also worth mentioning that Ayden apparently does speak a language Garrett can understand.)

Frank "man of a thousan voices" Welker screatches for this falcon (quite realistically I might add).

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Pierce Brosnan   King Arthur   Steve Perry

"Whosoever pulleth the sword from the stone shall be king"- who else but Arthur himself, animated by Lennie Graves who last animated Sawyer from "Cats Don't Dance". Though played as somewhat the fool in this story he is at least good hearted voiced by none other than 007 himself Pierce Brosnan (left) and sung by Journey's Steve Perry (right).

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Merlin   Sir John Gielgud

Unfortunately, the great wizard Merlin (animated by Mike Nguyen) plays a quite small part casting only one "spell" (he calls on Ayden to protect the sword)- Merlin's five lines are spoken by none other than Sir John Gielgud. Merlin does not sing.

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